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Japanese particle ” は (wa) ” as “topic marker/ subject marker”. “X” は ”Y” です。


Japanese particle “ (wa)” is used as subject/ topic marker.

Here are the examples.

Japanese particle "は (wa) " as Subject marker / Topic marker

No.Topic / Subject
job is/ are
1Ia Japanese teacheram
1わたしにほんごの せんせいです
2My sonsstudentsare
2わたしの むすこたちがくせいです
3My auntan University professoris
3わたしの おばだいがく きょうじゅ です
4My husbanda doctoris
4わたしの おっといしゃです
5My wifea nurseis
5わたしの つまかんごし です
6My son, Erican office workeris
6わたしの むすこの エリックかいしゃいんです
7My husband, Kenta pilotis
7わたしの おっとの ケントパイロットです
8They police officersare


かぞく family/ しんせき relatives


If you’ve forgotton “ひらがな”, please study the quizlet below. Writing ひらがな is not important for Japanese learners. The most important thing is just reading ひらがな correctly, recognizing ひらがな correctly. Nowadays, even we Japanese people have no chance to do handwriting  ひらがな、カタカナ、and かんじ。We Japanese people usually use a computer, we do not need handwriting so far.

But if you: Japanese learners remember reading ひらがな、カタカナ、and かんじ, you can study Japanese by yourself using English-Japanese dictionary, and you can read a lot of books and magazines whatever you want! And then, your Japanese will be improving quickly.

しごと occupations


Now, you understood how to use “は particle.”

Drills: にほんごで はなして ください。(Please make Japanese sentences.)

① His mother is a nurse.
② My grandfather is a doctor.
③ Her younger sister is a graduate student.
④ Her older sister is a secretary.
⑤ She is an international student.
⑥ My husband, Kent is a lawyer.

Go to negative form. じゃありません / では ありません





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