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Japanese grammar

C: bg4

Causative; Allow me to do something
Causative form ; unequal power, force
Causative form: Cause someone’s psychological or mental activity

Conditionals form たら
Conditionals form れば
Conditionals form なら



D: bg4
desu です X is Y. / Desu masu Drills / dewa_arimasenn ではありません X is not Y.

Directions /


G: bg4 Give & Receive もらう bg4
Give & Receive あげる bg4 Greetings

Group 1 verbs with を particle
Group 2 verbs with を particle

J: bg4 じゃあるまいし 自動詞・他動詞

M: bg4 まい

P: bg4 passive form

S: bg4 そうだ looks + いadjectives

T: bg4 ために・ように N4(目的)

たら form

~ておきますform ; preparation | ~ておいてform ; keep it on
bg4 てしまいました form; When an action is completed earlier than expected.
bg4 てしまいました form ; regrettable

W: bg4 わけじゃあるまいし