Japanese Education



In Japan, six-year elementary(しょうがっこう :小学校) and three-year junior high school (ちゅうがっこう:中学校) education is mandatory. That’s called compulsory education.

The school year begins in April and ends the following March.
A school year is divided into three terms: the first term(いちがっき:一学期) is from April to July, the second(にがっき:二学期) from the end of August to December and the third(さんがっき:三学期) from January to March. Each term is followed by summer, winter and spring vacations respectively.

Elementary and Junior High School
All foreign children with legal registration in each city can attend the designated municipal elementary and junior high
school in his/ her area or neighboring area only if they meets the conditions.
An elementary and junior high school education and textbooks will be provided. There is no charge for tuition and textbooks but payment is necessary for school lunch, stationery, etc.

please ask the Information in Government office in your living area:
School Education Division
(Gakko Kyoiku Ka)


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