About me

I’m online Japanese tutor in Cafetalk.

Welcome to Yukiko’s Nihongo “Pera pera” class. ”Pera pera” means fluent. I can help you to become fluent speaker in Japanese.

“Japanese books”;”A Japanese language school” might teach you basic Japanese; intermediate Japanese, but can you understand Japanese native speaker’s conversation at natural speed? I think you can’t, because there are various expressions every language.

For example, “to eat” means “taberu” in Japanese.


taberu, tabemasu, itadaku, meshiagaru..and more, these are all Japanese words to eat.

We change the words depends on a situation. I have a confidence to explain each situation. Why? I learned from my Japanese student via Skype Japanese lesson. The students asked me various questions. For the first time, I was struggled to explain the difference of a delicate nuance for each Japanese words. Of couse I have the education of teaching Japanese in University, but I figured out the best way to teach Japanese via my Japanese lessons.

I always think that my students are my best teachers!
にほんご ペラペラ(pera pera) に なりましょう! 

Hi everyone, I’m Yukiko. I was born in Nagasaki prefecture and raised in Kanagawa, Japan, and I have many years of experience teaching Japanese. Perhaps you’re just curious about Japanese, but you can’t speak at all yet. That’s fine, since I have plenty of experience teaching beginning Japanese, and I also speak English. Perhaps you’ve studied Japanese grammar and vocabulary, but you have trouble speaking Japanese smoothly in real-life situations. That’s fine, since my lessons are geared toward practical Japanese, focusing on speaking and listening, which will build confidence for real-life conversations! Whether you’re just beginning, or you’re preparing for JLPT exams, I have lessons to suit you.”

I am a graduate of the Aichi Sangyo university program for teaching Japanese. I am certified to teach Japanese to non-native speakers. And I am comfortable speaking and listening to English.

I specialize in several areas: 1. teaching beginning Japanese; 2. helping visitors to Japan learn basic language skills to enhance their trip to Japan; 3. helping students to prepare for and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT); 4. helping experienced Japanese speakers enhance their skills.

Yukikoは Cafetalkでスカイプを使って日本語を教えています


About Us: Yukiko(日本語講師)




Yukikoと蔡老師はオンラインの日本語の先生です。Skypeを使って Cafetalk で個人レッスンをしています。

We’re professional Japanese tutors. We are teaching Japanese via Skype.



● Yukiko’s lesson
From basic serious Japanese student who can read “Hiragana” or who can speak English.If you can speak English, I can accept your request even you don’t study “Hiragana” yet
● 日本語ペラペラ lesson
The students who want to speak Japanese fluently.

● JLPT N5 ~ N1

● ビジネス日本語会話、基礎コース~実践コース

If you are curious about my lesson, please try トライアルレッスン at first. I’m looking forward to talking with you, 🙂

About Us: 蔡老師(台湾人老師)





● 蔡老師 Lesson
中国語会話 ゼロ~ 中級、上級まで

日本語会話 ゼロ~ N5ぐらいまで。